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Eat Art !

Eat What?

My go-to lunch is a hearty piece of pork bao. It's packed with flavor, from the pulled pork and sausage stuffing to the rich Asado sauce and fluffy dough. I love how the different ingredients come together in each bite and how the umami flavors linger on my tongue long after I've finished eating.

In much the same way, I love experiencing art. I love it when an artist takes risks and pushes boundaries, creating something truly unique. There's something about seeing a striking painting or sculpture that just lingers in my mind long after I took my eyes off it. Or that hair-raising Nirvana track that will serve as my power song when Monday strikes back.

Let me tell you this, aside from yummy hand-held foods at Kalye, our restaurant also doubles as a local art gallery. It is where artists can share their work with the community.

The thing is, art advocacy has always been something near and dear to our hearts. There's no doubt in our minds that artistic expression is vital for a thriving community.

Hence, this happened: a group of Filipino and local artists were invited to become part of Artists Assist Initiative Inc. (AAI), a Non-Profit Corporation organized to curate and share their work with the community and the world.

AAI will hold events and exhibitions in and out of the Kalye space to promote the sale and patronage of the artworks produced by its member artists. Their crafts will also be featured in an online gallery maintained and administered by AAI.

All proceeds from the sale and exhibitions of their artworks will go exclusively to the artists themselves—their work, their rewards.

The knowledge that they continue to create beautiful art is our reward.

Surviving is not Enough.

In an increasingly unpredictable world, it can be easy to forget the importance of art. But in times of crisis, art can be a powerful tool for helping us to make sense of the chaos and express our emotions.

Collective crises, like the current pandemic, can be especially difficult to navigate. But they can also help us realize art's importance in our lives. In a world where survival is not enough, art provides us with a way to connect with others and find meaning in our lives.

Local artists need our help more now than ever to get through these tough times--and art is essential. We can show support in many ways, virtually attending concerts or buying artwork online. Art brings us together in difficult moments and helps us feel less alone.

Culture is Art and Food.

Have you ever stopped to think about how food and art are both expressions of our unique culture?

Food is more than just something we eat to survive. It's a way of life, a way of connecting with others. When we gather around food, we're gathering around a shared experience. We're sharing a part of ourselves with others.

And like food, art is also a way of life. It's a way of expressing who we are and what we believe in. Art is essential to our culture--it's what makes us unique.

At Kalye, we're fusing art and specialty cuisines in a brand-new way. Our call to action is for you to help us spread the word in support of our colorful and diverse cultures and communities.

You may also visit AAI's website at for more information about their advocacies and activities.

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