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Tough Times

It was a strange and disorienting time in New York City in March 2020. The pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt. Even though Broadway was still brightly lit with its phosphorescent theater lights and billboards, the city that never sleeps was silent.


Shared Experience

Amid this adversity, we saw how the city fought its way back to life tenaciously. To support essential workers every night at 7, New Yorkers would come together in the streets, clapping their hands, banging pots and pans, and playing music. A bond among all New Yorkers, palpable even though unseen, united us. As part of this community, we hope to pull our weight.


After some time reflecting on how we could join in the effort to revive the city, we donned our masks and headed out. To immerse ourselves in the city, we listened to outdoor jazz at churches and courtyards, visited museums and galleries, ate burritos at taquerias, and even lost our wallets after long drunken nights with newly made friends. It was amidst those unforgettable moments that we decided to blend our passion for diverse food and art. We thought we could do this by sharing our Filipino culture through food and providing a home for grassroots artists.

We Carry On...

Our name, Kalye, comes from the Tagalog word for "street." We chose this name to reflect our mission of bringing energy and life back into the streets of New York City by offering you a new way to experience Filipino food!


While serving delicious shumai, traditional lumpia, and inventive pork and ube sliders, Kalye doubles as an art gallery. Here, we showcase the untapped potential of local grassroots artists and those from the Philippines. By doing so, we hope to invigorate Kalye's patrons by displaying artwork from independent artists.


Not only can you enjoy the beautiful artwork in our restaurant, but you can also make a difference by purchasing it! All profits from art sales will be delivered to talented local artists. We are proud to have partnered with a non-profit organization and do not take any commission from their works – so every penny of your purchase helps support these creative individuals.


At Kalye, we believe that the combination of Filipino food, culture and community should be celebrated. We invite you to swing by our restaurant in New York City

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