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Daily SpecialS

At Kalye, creating fun and satisfying experiences with Filipino and International Hand-Held Food is at the core of our culture.

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Serve Daily

Kaley is a restaurant that serves delicious cuisine to foodies of all shapes and sizes. Our menu offers unique Philippine and international hand-held foods that may be ordered online or purchased at our Lower East Side store.

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Manhattan's Party Food

Kalye's specialty hand-held food is perfect for party gatherings. Our dishes are flavorful and satisfying, yet light enough that you can still enjoy your favorite party drinks and other chows.

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Pinoy Style

Food is meant to be shared in Filipino culture. So whether it's a fiesta, special holiday, or a small gathering of friends, sharing a meal is always an essential part of our social interactions. In Kalye, we aim to do just that.

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We've been having a lot of fun, and we wanna share it with you!